About Craig Smith

Craig Smith was introduced to the piano at the early age of five. His grandfather played the piano and taught his young grandson to play a few simple melodies by ear. Within a short time, Craig was picking out songs on the piano that he heard on the radio and television, so his parents enrolled him in private piano lessons. By age 12, Craig was fascinated by the organ and switched to studying with an organ teacher. He also began performing in public about that time, as a teenage organ demonstrator for a local music dealer in the Chicago area.

He worked part-time through high school and college, playing the organ at fairs and home shows, where the dealer would arrange for an exhibit of their instruments. During that period in the mid-1960’s, Craig was introduced to Rodgers Organs, when the dealer brought in a three-manual theatre-style console organ, Model 321 Trio. Following college and a national tour with a variety show band, Craig moved to Northern California to begin a career in piano and organ sales. Once again, he was involved with representing Rodgers Organs throughout the area, where he sold and installed several large Rodgers organ installations to churches and individual residences.

Craig continued his career as a church organ specialist and managed the church organ division of Jenkins Music in Kansas City, a local organ dealer. He was appointed regional sales manager for Baldwin Piano & Organ Company in 1986 and spent the next twenty-five years of his career as a wholesale factory representative, managing dealer accounts throughout the middle United States. In late 2009, Craig decided to pursue his first love of retail piano and organ sales. In addition to sleeping in his own bed every night, Craig is able to participate in the music and worship ministry at Blue Valley Baptist Church, where he and his wife, Sue, are active members. He also performs at many area senior residential communities and plays with various musical ensembles in the Kansas City area.